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Aries New Moon

I am me, I love who & how I am. I am ready to be seen.

New moon in Aries April 1

This Aries season is a fortunate time to mingle and meet divine connections. Try to start seeing things through a more artistic lens, finding refreshing ways to appreciate the beauty in the world. Perhaps you feel inspired to add some creativity to your home decor -> I’ve been loving @lynnandharphome‘s vibez, or you might pick up an old passion project that you put on the back burner. Set an intention! Right now there’s an energy that’s encouraging you – and others around you – to immerse yourself in a state of creative flow and awaken dormant talents. The intention is to help you live a meaningful life and commit to projects and plans that make you feel alive.

This is a good time to reflect on whether your values are serving your highest potential. During this time, you may ask yourself, “Are the choices that I’m making in alignment with my current values?” or “Do I need to change up my values in order to achieve the expansiveness of my vision?”

I have some prompts for you!

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