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Hemp Wax is Here!

This luxurious Hemp Soy wax is a vegan blend of natural organic hemp, soy,…

Jamaicangrades November 20, 2022


Many times I slipped But a real one never slides Some of y’all too…

mrsvendryes November 11, 2022

EASY candle meditation - how to do it

Candle meditation, also known as candle gazing, is a wonderfully peaceful and soulful way…

Jamaicangrades November 11, 2022

Keep Calm this Mercury Retrograde

Oh nooo, Mercury Retrograde has arrived! Already my tapped in self is on the…

Jamaicangrades September 9, 2022

Patrick Energy Reading

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

mrsvendryes August 8, 2022

Take Time to Sync with the Moon

I’ve been preaching this for the last year but when I see the results…

Jamaicangrades July 14, 2022

Money Rules

It’s a sad world out there Money gets more attention than a good heart’s…

Toni Vendryes June 17, 2022


Everybody wanna be a bad bitch I just want an atlas get me out…

Toni Vendryes April 12, 2022


I don’t watch what people do so I can’t ever copy you my thoughts…

Toni Vendryes April 3, 2022

Aries New Moon

I am me, I love who & how I am. I am ready to…

Jamaicangrades April 1, 2022

Full Moon in Virgo the Virgo way

MANTRA: “My body is a divine temple and I treat it accordingly. My spiritual,…

Jamaicangrades March 18, 2022

Focus my energy

Today I focus my energy On all good things that will come to me…

Toni Vendryes January 8, 2022

My life is my design

I keep wondering how Wondering why The stars they shine I connect to the…

Toni Vendryes November 17, 2021

She Realized

It was at this moment She realized she had to put all that into…

Toni Vendryes November 11, 2021

A Prayer

I get down on my knees when I don’t know the way say thank…

Toni Vendryes November 1, 2021

No Sinking Ships

No sinking ships No loose lips No forgetting All the things we’ve let slip…

Toni Vendryes October 26, 2021

Movement in the Air

There’s a movement in the air Can you feel it brewing here It comes…

Toni Vendryes October 10, 2021

Initiate Love

To love when there’s so much hate A battle we must Initiate Don’t let…

mrsvendryes September 28, 2021

No go betweens

I do what I say and say what I mean I literally don’t understand…

Toni Vendryes September 18, 2021

3 Benefits of Coconut Wax Candles

With so many oils to choose from, why did I choose to use coconut…

Jamaicangrades September 3, 2021

Universal Laws for desiring and action

It would be remise of me not to highlight these Universal Laws in regards...

Jamaicangrades August 30, 2021


There’s so much radiance In the unknowing Of the known There lies everything As…

Toni Vendryes August 30, 2021

Rituals for Honoring Mother Earth

Rituals help infuse intention and purpose into our day. They can teach us how…

Jamaicangrades August 15, 2021

How Oracle & Tarot Readings Can Benefit You

Tarot is a system of archetypes that can help deliver some of the universes...

Jamaicangrades August 2, 2021
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