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I’m an Intuitive Energy Healer who works with light-filled sensitive people who are trying to find their purpose in the world. They’ve tried everything, and they still feel alone, sad, anxious, or depressed and they don’t know how to feel better. I help them quiet the noise, move forward, and make peace with their past and their present, so that they can heal, be happier, and live a life they love.

Intuitive Therapy is a form of integrative psychotherapy that utilizes intuition to uncover what the client senses but may not be consciously aware of. I use my Intuition, Claircognizance, and Clairsentience to access this unconscious information and bring it to conscious awareness. This is a holistic mental health approach as we work with the energetic mind, body, and spirit to help you uncover, articulate, and release the source of the present problems or disturbances.

My number one goal is to empower you to make positive changes in your daily life. It will enable you to evaluate the options that are open to you, and then help you turn that understanding into action. While most therapists, dietitians, physicians, chiropractors, and other specialists are trained to focus on a particular component of your life and lifestyle, an intuitive counselor can provide intuitive guidance and coach you across a variety of lifestyle domains. I hold my B.A. in Psychology and have a host of certifications in therapy, energy healing, mindfulness meditation, chakra healing, aromatherapy, and spiritual card reading. This unique training in multiple coaching and energetic disciplines allows me the ability to choose how best to directly affect and impact the lifestyle-change process. I can act as your guide, coach, motivator, or just a friend to help and guide you through any lifestyle change you desire.

We are all born with life flowing through us. Life experiences can be painful enough that we literally cut off our own life force in order to not feel the pain. But when we do that we also cut off the joy, the connection, the life energy itself. Usually reconnecting to our life force involves clearing the mind, body and soul of old energies, bringing mindfulness to energetic and psychological outmoded ways of being to choose flow over habitual stuckness, in order to reconnect to ourselves and to spirit, to the divine for guidance, meaning, and joy. The goal is always to re-establish the life-flow.

I’m an Empath, Indigo Child, Claircognizant, Clairsentience, INFJ Personality Type, Alchemist, Pleiadian Starseed deeply connected to all things Spiritual, Philosophical, Ancient & Esoteric, seeking to provide support for YOU in this thing called life.

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