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How To Manifest In 5 Steps

Well... what works for me! :)

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Manifest The Life You Deserve

I wrote this book to share everything I've learned but more importantly, what's worked for me!

For Your Soul

Intuitive Healing
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I’m an Empath, Indigo Child, Claircognizant, Clairsentience, INFJ Personality Type, Alchemist, Pleiadian Starseed deeply connected to all things Spiritual, Philosophical, Ancient & Esoteric.

I tie intuitive therapy and manifestation methodologies with psychological techniques to provide support for YOU in this thing called life.

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5 Things to Do Today
To Start Getting What You Want

I've spent the last two years healing, releasing old beliefs, and manifesting the life I desire. This book contains a few of the essential things that have worked for me in a concise easy to understand form so you can begin now! 
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Written by Toni Vendryes.