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5 Steps To Getting What You Want

Well... what works for me! :)

Manifest The Life You Deserve

I wrote this book to share everything I've learned but more importantly, what's worked for me!

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    Some WRITING

    My life is my design

    My life is my design

    I keep wondering how Wondering why The stars they shine I connect to the…

    mrsvendryes November 17, 2021
    She Realized

    She Realized

    It was at this moment She realized she had to put all that into…

    Toni Vendryes November 11, 2021
    A Prayer

    A Prayer

    I get down on my knees when I don’t know the way say thank…

    Toni Vendryes November 1, 2021
    No Sinking Ships

    No Sinking Ships

    No sinking ships No loose lips No forgetting All the things we’ve let slip…

    mrsvendryes October 26, 2021

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      For Your Soul

      Intuitive Healing
      & More

      I’m an Empath, Indigo Child, Claircognizant, Clairsentience, INFJ Personality Type, Alchemist, Pleiadian Starseed deeply connected to all things Spiritual, Philosophical, Ancient & Esoteric.

      I tie intuitive therapy and manifestation methodologies with psychological techniques to provide support for YOU in this thing called life.


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