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7oz #KeepCalm Candle


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High-quality marble aluminum tin 3.4″ D x 2.2″ hand poured to 7oz wax fill.

#KeepCalm with this Relaxing Aromatherapy Candle blended to help bring calm, grounding, and clear communication into your space.

The delicate scents of relaxing lavender, comforting vanilla and healing aromatic chamomile touched with a blessing of cleansing green notes of sage soothe the soul carried fluidly by crisp juniper water.

Contains almost 35% essential oils with key Root & Crown Chakra blend.

Topped with intuitively selected crystals just for any bad vibes:

– Citrine for cultivating positive communication, abundance, wealth, prosperity, success and all things good

– Labradorite to see the light hidden within the gray areas of life

– Garnet to purify and balance energy

– Aquamarine instills within you a sense of calm and patience

– Tourmaline for grounding and protection

– Amazonite for self-love and effective communication

– Fluorite for overcoming chaos and focusing the mind

– Sodalite for uniting logic with intuition


Customize with your preferred fragrance here -> https://tonivendryes.com/jamaicangrades-fragrance-collection

The BEST thing about our quality jars is they are refillable. Save 25% on your next order when you return vessel for a refill 😊 or just reuse them around your house as the perfect holder!


Reviews (1)

  1. mrsvendryes

    5 out of 5

    The perfect scent for a relaxing bath self care session!

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