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Coco Bamboo




Coco Bamboo is a luxurious marriage of fresh bamboo and smooth coconut. This prestigious fragrance brings a spa atmosphere to any space and is an airy, ozonic escape from the everyday.  A wonderful year round fragrance that starts off with a creamy coconut, coconut milk aroma with hints of strawberry and peach and end with all the bamboo you need to keep you grounded.

This is a classic relaxing fragrance that is perfect for a tranquil setting. Get lost in a peaceful bamboo forest and enjoy a sophisticated layering of fragrance – from soothing coconut to sweet pineapple and lush green forest ending with a cedarwood and vanilla finish.

Top notes: Strawberry, Peach, Coconut Milk, Creamy Coconut
Middle notes: Apple, Tropical Pineapple, Mimosa, Green Floral, Bamboo
Base notes: Bamboo, Hay, Vanilla, Balsamic, Light Cedarwood


Essential Oils: lemon oil, cedarwood oil, eucalyptus oil, lavandin, patchouli, spearmint

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