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Intuitive EnErgy Reading – 90mins + Bonuses


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If you are goal setting, confused, anxious, stressed, not sure in which direction to go; seeking clarity about your career path or your relationships; or looking to make major life changes this is the reading for you. We will have a mini intuitive counseling session guided by messages oracle or tarot cards wish to provide for you.

This reading being an all around energy lifter is also packed with some goodies 🙂 You will receive an intuited intention candle, crystal valued $10+, sage, palo santo, and tea for session.

I’d love to tap in with you! Checkout & then book your appointment here-> bit.ly/ToniSpiritual


This is a virtual or in-person oracle & tarot card reading aimed at helping to lift your vibration and add clarity to your questions. The main difference between a “Traditional Reading” and an “Intuitive Healing Session” is I’m more focused on your inner emotional, mental, and spiritual well being. Utilizing the cards as a method to deliver messages meant for you from the universe, your subconscious, etc.. This is not a psychic reading, and I believe wholeheartedly, thanks to free to will, we have the power to change ANY outcome. This reading will simply guide you on some actions/steps to take to fulfill your potential while offering a bit of insight and guidance that you can deeply connect with and hopefully gain great inspiration from.

Additional information

Reading Summary

You will receive a written summary of your reading.

Intuited Affirmation

You will receive an affirmation meant to help strengthen the advice of the cards.


You will receive a FREE gift intuited to help you. From the reading I will decide what 1 thing can help you best, these can range from: crystals, aromatherapy, books, meditations, songs, cards etc. not exceeding $40 in value.

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