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Oud, Turmeric and Saffron




This one came about because I have been getting asked for Oud. Oud.  It is fun to say.  Try it!  I was intrigued.  Who wouldn’t be with that name.  So I started checking out the resin.  Ouch, it sure isn’t cheap!  In my search for creating the perfect Oud I did a lot of research and learned that Oud actually comes from Agarwood that is infected with a certain type of mold which produces a resin.  Sounds disgusting but it is wonderful. The resin is very aromatic.  Without the mold the wood doesn’t have a smell.  Pretty nifty!  And can you believe that mold makes this wood worth more than gold?!  Crazy!   I fell in love with the smell of Oud.  It is a very “masculine” scent.  Very deep and rich and woody.  I really love the touches of spice that the Turmeric and Saffron add to the dark woody notes.  It makes it lighter without adding sweetness.  Just mesmerizing!!!


Numerous Benefits and Uses of Oud

This exquisite essential oil has many applications that range from spiritual to therapeutic and medicinal. It is often associated with harmony, serenity of spirit and when applied regularly, the removal of destructive and negative energies in the home. A highly effective aid for meditation, it is also known to enhance mental clarity and ease neurotic and obsessive behavior. 

In the Middle East, both men and women burn Oud wood chips to scent their houses and their clothes. Many Muslims believe that their prayers rise with the scented smoke of agarwood and are carried straight to the Creator.

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