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Spiritual Tea Voice Writing


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I’ve learned so much from my journey into manifestation, and want to share all the things that have worked for me. Things that I think important for everyone to at least be aware of and make their own decisions about, to live their most fulfilled life. Things we sometimes get too busy to dive into, I will break down into concise 10 minute episodes so you get the nuggets MINUS the TIME. 🙂

We will cover everything I have learned about manifesting, visualization, chakra healing, crystal work, affirmations, tarot, intuitive understanding, vision boarding & more, that has worked for me, in easy to comprehend, concise episodes.


A podcast on all things healing in 10 minute or less. So you get the nuggets MINUS the TIME. :)

  • Date

    June 3, 2020

  • Skills

    Adobe Audition, Podcasting, Writing, Storyboarding

  • Client

    Toni Vendryes

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