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Universal Laws for desiring and action

It would be remise of me not to highlight these Universal Laws in regards to desiring and acting. Hopefully this gives you a clear understanding of the importance of action.

The Law of Desire
All progress and fulfillment begins with the seed of desire. In planning you make a written list of your desires and use creative visualization techniques to make them come true. Make sure your desires are of a positive nature and not intended to hurt anyone. Action based on concrete desire will make all your wishes reality.

The Law of Dynamic Action
Take the first step and then follow through. This activates dynamic action and activates the entire being to propel us to attainment. Do the smallest thing you can, and then the next, and watch the universe support you to conquer difficulties fearlessly and spiritually as you become stronger mentally and physically.

The Law of Productivity
Man develops and grows through productivity, we should perform our work in life as well as we can even if we encounter issues. The universe rewards those who persevere and work hard, whatever you do strive for high productivity and high quality.

The Vacuum Law of Prosperity
“Get rid of what you don’t want and make room for what you do want. Create a space, a vacuum, and believe and expect it will be filled and it will be.”
– Catherine Ponder. Take some time to clean up and out your life. Also known as The Law of Release, basically says “nature abhors a vacuum”, make space for what you want. This action includes getting rid of both unnecessary materials and negative emotional baggage. The same for relationships, if it’s not good, release it!

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